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Vintage 50's

Introducing Pegcity’s Heritage 46-P90. Our reproduction of the pickup that ushered in a whole new world of sound possibilities amplifying the need for electric guitars in the music world. With the Heritage 46-P90 we pay homage to that time with carefully chosen period correct materials made in the USA. As with the earliest model the set are in phase but do not buck the hum when played together due to the coils and polarity matching as was the design and build spec of that era. 

These are for the player that is seeking a true vintage experience. Some of the older design specs have changed over the years for improvement purposes. But you can’t keep the legends down. After all they are considered legendary for a reason! 

Currently only available in Soap bar. Dog Ear will be added when the right covers can be acquired. 



Vintage 50's bobbins

12L14 screw poles  

42awg Plain Enamel wire 

Alnico 3 magnets rough cast

In Phase NO humbucking in middle position 

Wax potted to reduce micro phonics 


Countries import charges will apply, depending on your location.
Pickups are shipped directly from our supplier.
Pickups are hand made, build time 7-10 days.

Vintage 50 - P90

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