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Aran Guitars

Making music

Aran WT1 & AT1 are very similar in design, in that they are the same shape, but that's where the similarity ends.  The AT1 is made of a single piece of English ash (2 piece when single  pieces are unavailable).  Ash gives a brighter tone, all of which can change depending in pickup selection. The WT1 is American walnut, which will give a slightly warmer tone.  Either guitar can be fitted with the Schaller bridge or the Babicz bridge.  Both guitars can be supplied with either Cream T or Iron Gear pickups.  Tuners are Kluson vintage style.

Split coil is available depending on pickup choice.

Recently introduced is the Aran Single Cut, this gives the player a chance to play the familiar LP style guitar, the body is Mahogany with a solid maple top, the mahogany neck adds to the warm vintage tones coming through the Cream T pickups.  A choice of pickups are available.



Our Suppliers

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