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Black electrical guitar in repair service shop with a hands of a guitar luthier which fixe


As a guitar builder, making high quality guitars & basses helps me achieve an exacting standard of service.  I can provide you with a full professional setup including all aspects of your valued instrument, from the headstock & tuners down to the electronics, all our service items are listed below.  In fact, anything you can think of, I will endeavour to help you, whatever your service ideas are.

If you wish to drop off your guitar, that's not a problem, or I can arrange for it to be collected and shipped to me, and then returned back to you, ready to play. Please contact me for all collection service costs.  Your guitar is fully insured while shipping.

You can reach me either from the contact page, or if you wish to call me please  ring me on 07900 184501.  Thanks.

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