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A selection of Humbuckers, PAF's, P90's & single coil pickups.

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Guitar Tone: At Pegcity Pickups we are passionate about guitar tone. More importantly, we are passionate about YOUR guitar tone. Whatever your reason for new pickups you have found the right place.


Every pickup is built with North American components and in small batches to insure the highest quality. All coils are wound by hand guiding the wire onto a bobbin spun by machine. By paying close attention to the details and building pickups with the same care and passion as the legends themselves who invented them, Pegcity Pickups will provide you with the tonal foundation that will deliver years of love and enjoyment on your guitar journey.

Pickup selection

The pickups illustrated here are just a few on offer, please select any image to view the full specification and options available.

What Peg City Customers Say...

Real comments from Peg City customers...

PAF Classic 59's
Jason Carlson

A worthy upgrade

I recently ordered and installed a set of Classic 59's in my Les Paul and I'm glad I did! Such an improvement from the Burstbucker Pros that were in there. The Classic 59's sound much more open and alive and have really elevated my guitar to another level and they look great too! The customer service and ordering process also exceeded my expectations. I will definitely recommend Pegcity to anyone looking for aftermarket pickups!

Marcel LeBlanc

Super look and sound

I told Kris I wanted the pickups for a blacked-out tele, boy did he deliver; I received the pickups and they exceeded my expectations by far. 
The blacked-out look he gave the pickups go so well with my tele, and the sound they make is amazing! 
The use of different type of magnets really makes a difference in the sound, and I love it. 
Do not hesitate to communicate your usage and your needs with Kriss, he will customize your order to your wishes and direct you to the available existing and potential options. He gives excellent customer service. 

 Jeromy Van Dusen

I bought these pickups a year ago, back when they were called Supernauts. Unfortunately, the build that I bought them for got delayed a bit, and so I only got around to putting the pickups in just recently, and all I can say is that it was worth the wait to finally get to hear these incredible pickups. From crunchy distortion and screaming solos to crisp clean licks and bright open chords, the bridge pickup sings no matter what style I throw at it. The neck pickup, offering warmth without being muddy, is surprisingly versatile and an absolute joy to play.

I would not hesitate to put these pickups in another build in the future. The only thing that might prevent me from doing so soon is simply that Kris has so many options to choose from, and I'd like to try them all!

Texas Triple Stack (Single coil)
Glenn Drodge

Put this combo in my FrankenTele with 4 way pickup switch. Kickass sound. Well balanced tone when using both pickups. Very smooth bridge pickup without the brittle highs liquifying your ear drums. With pickups set to series via the 4 way switch, it makes for a great grungy lead sound. Highly recommend PegCity Puckups. Kris is very knowledgeable and very helpful. You can't go wrong with PegCity.

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