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Classic 59’s are a faithful recreation of the old late 50’s P.A.F style humbucker. With these I pay homage to the pickup that kickstarted a rock and roll revolution. The PAF lent itself well to all musical styles but has it roots in rock and blues. The Classic 59's are and amazing choice either way you look at it. These guys are guaranteed to bring you back to the very roots of the humbucker tone.



Bobbins are made from Butyrate to PAF design specs

Wound with 42awg Plain Enamel wire

Output: Neck 7.4k, Bridge 8.2k

Spacing: Neck 49.2mm, Bridge 49.2mm

Magnet: For the 59’s we like the Alnico 4. It provides a balanced EQ, with amazing dynamic range and sensitivity to how you play. The neck has a nice warm vintage vibe. The bridge is strong, clear and tight. Exactly what you can expect from a PAF era pickup.

Wax potting is not done to these pickups. Screws and springs supplied with pickups.


IMPORTANT: These are period correct builds, the baseplates are long leg and may not fit in all guitars without some minor modification to the instrument. Please be aware of this before ordering.


Countries import charges will apply, depending on your location.
Pickups are shipped directly from our supplier.
Pickups are hand made, build time 7-10 days.

Classic 59's PAF

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