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Alan Fox



The ARAN AT1 portfolio, built from a single piece of english ash dried for over 20 years from our supplier, this was the first of the AT1 line.

Client: ALAN FOX
This is what Alan kindly said after receiving his guitar.

I was fortunate to be able to purchase the Aran AT1 Guitar from Aran Guitars, Glen the luthier/guitar builder/designer has done an amazing job with producing this guitar. It sounds & looks amazing, I have three strats, a telecaster, a 335 and a Les Paul to compare the AT1 with and boy the Aran is up there with the 335 & Dave Gilmour Strat for sure.

I found Glen to be very user friendly & knowledgeable, inviting me down to his studio for a full trial before purchase.

What more can I say but to all prospective guitar buyers - give Aran guitars consideration for your next purchase, you will not be disappointed,

Reviewer - Alan Fox, Lincolnshire

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