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We have currently used Cream T Afterburner, Scan 1 '59' Burst Humbuckers and Billy Gibbons Whisker Bucker pickups in some of our guitar builds.  Cream T are the only pickups that have been designed in association with Billy Gibbons.

Quote from Cream T website:"Our first release, the Billy F Gibbons set, the “WhiskerBucker”, reproduces the sound of BFG's famous 6-string electric, his ’59 ‘Burst, known around the world as “Pearly Gates” which continues to play a starring role on stage and studio recordings with BFG & ZZ Top. Opening with ZZ Top’s First Album, through Billy’s ongoing solo works, the famed guitar sound of “Pearly Gates” is still regarded as one of the fiercest guitar tones in classic blues and rock ’n roll!"

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Guitar Builders 
Who use Cream T Pickups

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